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Mama Re-Grooves - A year of Re-thinking, Re-using, Re-fashioning and Re-purposing

World Water Day

According to the the almighty Wikipedia, March 22nd has been recognized as World Water Day since 1993.

World Water Day is coordinated by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.  Each year a different aspect of freshwater is highlighted; this year it was Water and Food Security. Did you know that each person requires between 20 and 50 litres of safe, fresh water EVERY DAY to fulfill basic needs like drinking, cooking and cleaning? Wow. That means each person needs one or two baths filled with water every day. Can you imagine having to walk miles in order to fill jugs to obtain that water? I can’t… but a lot of people do that each and every day. As a certain celebrity highlighted this year, many people face water insecurity every day.  One in eight people won’t even be able to secure ONE GLASS of drinking water today.

In Canada and the United States (the two places I have called home for most of my life) we are incredibly privileged to have consistently potable water running freely from our taps. Not everyone is so fortunate. To some, this is an obvious- even trite- statement. To others, it comes as a surprise. For others, they don’t even think about it- like the neighbour woman of a good friend of mine who was watering her lawn even though it was raining outside. Such wastefulness astounds me.

It is for this reason (along with a few others) that the continued popularity of bottled water in the United States simply confounds and astounds me. Despite the proliferation of stylish metal water bottles that one can fill anywhere and throw in a bag to sip from whenever needed, I see people carting flats of bottled water out of grocery stores all the time. WHY????

Maybe they haven’t seen The Story of Bottled Water.  Come on… just watch it.

So now that you have watched it, will you please go and buy a reusable water bottle to carry with you? I mean really, bottled water is generally just tap water anyway and the oil used to make the bottles for that tap water could fuel a MILLION CARS. And, when you forget it, drink from a fountain? I am pleased to say that Nash and Rio LOVE to drink from the fountain… and that we do not buy bottled water unless we are in a country where you simply can’t drink from the tap. It takes no effort to ditch the bottled water habit. Please do it… do it now.




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